GivingFund solves your philanthropic needs by providing a one-stop platform for all your impact goals.


Budgeting and Automation

Take out the guess work:

We help you develop a budget for philanthropy based on the impact you want to have and your financial means.

Use the same tools as the pros:

Using technology and advanced philanthropic legal structures, we help you automate contributions into your own personal GivingFund, which acts just like a charitable foundation - but without the messy overhead.

Create impact goals and keep them:

Choose to build up your charitable assets over time in your GivingFund, or automate donations from your GivingFund to your favorite nonprofits immediately. Whatever your strategy, we help you action it.


Impact & Strategy

Develop a Giving Strategy that aligns with your passions & monitor your impact

GivingFund uses diversification concepts from investment management to suggest philanthropic strategies.

Use your GivingFund to donate to any registered nonprofit of your choice, but do so with more confidence and purpose.

Interested in learning more? Check out our most common GivingStyles by clicking the photos above.

Investment & Taxes


grow your impact capital through investments and get an edge for tax season

Access Impact Investments:

Use the capital in your GivingFund to make impact however you see fit. Rather than donating it right away, you can choose to grow your capital with impact investing opportunities - such as supporting public schools or women-owned enterprises.

Get Tax-Free Earnings:

The gains you make from these investments go back into your GivingFund completely tax free, so you can grow your philanthropic capital for use at a later date.

make your tax accounting easy:

At the end of the year, you can write-off all contributions into your GivingFund. GivingFund provides a single receipt for all your contributions, so there’s no chasing down emails or spreadsheets come tax season.