GivingFund solves your philanthropic needs by providing a one-stop platform for all your impact goals, so you can finally put your money where your heart is.


GivingFund can help you better manage your impact capital.

Some people don't know where to give. Other's aren't sure how much. Some just want to feel more impact. And still others just can't keep track of their tax receipts.  We solve these needs through automation, choice and measurement.



You decide upfront what your yearly or monthly philanthropy budget is. We automate your giving into your personal GivingFund, and earmark it for impact. We help you keep yourself accountable to your goals and your vision. 



Your philanthropy is personal - driven by the causes you care about, your connections to friends and family, and sometimes the unexpected emergency. With GivingFund, you can donate to any nonprofit you choose, on a monthly or adhoc basis, and even put funds into impact investments to grow your fund. 



With one central place to manage all your donations, GivingFund makes it easy to reflect on where your money went this year - across causes, organizations and geographies. At tax time, we give you one single receipt for all your donations. 


Not Sure you Can have much impact?

We disagree. Check out our giving profiles to see what matches your style best - regardless of how much or how little you have to give.