GivingFund solves your philanthropic needs by providing a one-stop platform for all your impact goals.

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Set Goals and keep your promise

GivingFund takes out the guess work and helps you develop a budget for philanthropy. If you choose, we can automate your giving based on the impact you want to have and your financial means.

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Invest with impact to reach your goals quicker

Invest a portion of your GivingFund in Impact Investments, so you can grow your account and reach your goals sooner. When you’re ready, cash out of your investments and make your donations.

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Become a Mega Philanthropist without Mega Bucks

Whether you want to become more strategic with your giving, or save up to endow a scholarship, GivingFund makes it easy to realize your impact.

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A Personal Financial Adviser for Your impact Capital

GivingFund uses diversification concepts from investment management to suggest philanthropic strategies. Set up a risk-adjusted portfolio of your favorite nonprofits, allocate money to your friends’ causes, or build up your assets to endow your own scholarship. The choice is yours.

With GivingFund you can donate to any registered nonprofit of your choice, but with more confidence and purpose.


Impact Investment, Taxes & Reporting

Financial advisers use donor Advised funds, like givingfund, to help their clients make the most of their philanthropy.


Access Quality Impact Investments

Put your philanthropic money to work while the fiscal year progresses by selecting impact investments that grow your GivingFund account overtime.


Make your tax accounting easy

At the end of the year, you can write-off all contributions into your GivingFund. GivingFund provides a single receipt for all your contributions into your GivingFund, so there’s no chasing down emails or spreadsheets come tax season.


Review a single impact report

Login to your GivingFund to see everywhere you’ve given and access your impact report. See which causes you’ve given to, and how you’re tracking against your financial and impact goals.