How it Works

GivingFund is a single platform for managing your philanthropy and impact investing.  We use simple principles of Behavioral Economics to help you develop a vision for your philanthropy and maintain a habit of generosity.


Step 1: Determine A Giving Goal

Based on your peer group, your salary, and your philanthropy goals, we help you define a budget for your philanthropic giving.

After entering in your payment information, you seed your account with an initial payment, and then automate regular monthly payments into your GivingFund going forward.

The money in your GivingFund is earmarked for philanthropy, so you can keep yourself accountable to your goal.  Think about it like a impact bank account.

Step 2: Set Your Impact Strategy

Don't know where to start? That's ok. We've created giving style personality quizzes and user profiles to inspire you and help you create goals. 

Our styles are based on the three types of impact GivingFund supports: regular monthly donations, in the moment one-time-gifts and impact investing. Users allocate their giving across these three types of capital the same way they would allocate their money in an investment portfolio.


+ Monthly Donations

As soon as you set up your GivingFund, you can enter in specific nonprofits that you want to support each month. GivingFund automates donations to these organizations each month from your fund. You can change these organizations at anytime, as your passions evolve.

Tip: Think of Monthly Giving as the bedrock of your giving strategy. By starting with the causes you care most about, you can make your philanthropy personal, and uniquely you.

+ One Time Gifts

When a friend is raising money for a cause or when a natural disaster happens, login to your GivingFund to see how much you have set aside to give. Then, enter the web address for the donation page, and the desired donation amount to move money from your fund to the nonprofit.

Tip: If you're a "social giver", you may want to reserve more of your GivingFund for requests from your network. GivingFund helps you recall these gifts you've given at year-end, so you can reflect on your impact.

+ Impact Investments

Set some of your capital aside in longer-term investments that create impact, for example women-owned enterprises or solar projects. The money, and the gains, are all returned back to your GivingFund tax-free. Grow your assets just like those mega-philanthropists.

Pro Tip: Think of impact investing as the risk-taking part of your giving strategy that has the added benefit of doubling your impact: first through investment, and then when you donate the returns.

Step 3: Review, Analyze & Manage Your Impact

Using the GivingFund portal, you can view all of the gifts you've made in one place. See what portion of your philanthropy you're spending on different causes, and reflect on how they map to your personal passions and unique story. You can increase or decrease your monthly giving, your total philanthropy goal, or reallocate across organizations. 

At the end of the tax year, GivingFund issues you a single tax receipt for all of the money you've put into your fund that year.