The Story of GivingFund


Why we're here.

70% of millennials believe they have the power to change the world. We are two of those millennials and we want to help our friends and colleagues change the world as well.

But sometimes, it's hard.


Sometimes when we're asked to donate to a cause, we feel reluctant. As we decide to how much to donate, we think about our expenses that day, how much we spent at lunch or over the weekend, rather than what we can truly afford to give.

When we receive emails from the nonprofits we've donated to, we love to read the stories.... when we have time. All too often we archive, or set to read later, never fully evaluating the extent of our impact over the year.

As a team, our passions are varied - we support environmental causes, social justice, education reform, and more. Sometimes we give to root-cause issues, sometimes to advocacy groups, and sometimes to relief efforts. But we wondered what this added up to: what our donations said about who we are as individuals, and what collective impact we helped to achieve.

Together, we wanted to create something that would make our philanthropy more meaningful. Where we could more easily put our money where our hearts were. 

We're excited to share GivingFund with you and welcome your feedback. 

- Kim Long and Samantha Penabad